Ananda College to Open in California
The Oregon campus of Ananda College closed its doors December 31, 2014. The institution has retained its California educational non-profit status, and we will be re-emerging soon near our original California campus. Much has been learned in the 12 years of the first Ananda College, and we’re delighted to have the opportunity to create an even more dynamic institution of higher education for higher consciousness.
Holding true to the original vision upon which the College was founded, and with the inspiration of many of our original advisory board, our focus continues to be on programs to support the emerging awareness of a higher age of consciousness. This includes the awareness of energy and life force, the awareness of unity of all people, and the awareness of consciousness as the basis of all creation. We will seek to work with all those—young and old—who are in tune with this awareness and wish to develop it further.
The new College will be hosted on privately-owned and as-yet undeveloped land directly across from the entrance to Ananda Village in Northern California. Ananda Village is the world’s largest intentional community dedicated to yoga, meditation, and yoga philosophy. This proximity will allow our future students and guests to easily enjoy its services and its dynamic spiritual energy.
On the auspicious day of Yogananda’s Mahasamadhi, March 7, 2015, we dedicated the land as “Karuna Sagara”, which means “Ocean of Compassion” in Sanskrit. This name was offered to us intuitively by the author and mystic Vanamali Devi of Rishikesh, a longtime friend, supporter, and guest faculty member.
We’re delighted to invite you to join us through your active interest, to help us develop Karuna Sagara as a channel for higher education for higher consciousness. Do let us know how you might help by contacting us at admissions (@)
In Divine friendship,
Board of Directors Nakula Cryer Nischala Cryer Satayaki (Kraig) Brockschmidt Cliff Kushler
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