Inspirational Arts

Concentration for A.A. & B.A. Degree in Living Wisdom Studies

Turn on the full spectrum of your creative genius to thrive in a multi-dimensional world.

The concentration in Inspirational Arts engages all modalities of the arts as vehicles for personal and collective transformation. Discoveries in science conjoin enduring perennial wisdom in a pioneering approach that uses the power of art to touch the heart and rouse the soul. We teach simple, yet profound methods for awakening higher consciousness through soul centered creative process. Students learn how to activate ‘whole brain’ capacities of creativity, intuition and super-conscious inspiration. Hands on experience in painting, clay, collage, dance, theater, music, poetry, film, etc., unfold an inner intrinsically healing process.

Our approach integrates studio classroom experience with innovative learning methods (flow learning, kinesthetic & somatic exploration, meditation and multi- modality creative investigation). Richly informative and highly experiential classes conjoin studio labs and close personal mentoring with teachers who have decades of experience.

Inspirational Arts students engage a profound journey of self-discovery and soul expansion. Studio artists learn to channel self-expression into self-transcendence, gaining the capacity to generate work that inspires and uplifts others. Those training to teach and counsel learn to facilitate the Transformative Arts Process™. This program is an empowering aid to careers in teaching, healing arts, counseling, life coaching, organizational development and consulting, entrepreneurship, spiritual leadership and all creative professions. Graduates can apply the core skills of art, creativity and consciousness to any arena of life.