Discover Ananda College…

  • Explore who you are

  • Reach your highest potential

  • Create the world you want through personalized learning & study

  • Experience a different kind of liberal arts education

  • Make a difference, give back, & transform communities


Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

You are a pioneer, an agent of change, you challenge what is conventional and accepted and look for ways to make things better. You want to see a world where genuine respect, equality, and harmony are not just ideas on a page, but have practical and real application. You want to be part of a learning community that is dynamic and connects you to the larger world around you, one that encourages and embraces your creativity and ignites your deepest passions, one that also prepares you for success.

At Ananda College of Living Wisdom, you create the kind of educational environment that you believe possible, one that resonates with your personality and interests, and allows you to fully explore the things that really matter to you. Your liberal arts degree in Living Wisdom studies prepares you to think critically, to take your knowledge and skills out to the real world and transform communities through practical application and positive change.

Take a moment to look through our website to learn more about our programs. The office of admissions is the place to get your questions answered, setup a campus visit, connect through social media, or give us a call for more information. We are excited about the gifts and talents you bring to our campus community and we want to hear from you!