Application Process

*for degree & professional certificate programs. For gap year admissions, see here.

What Do I Need to Know?

Ananda College of Living Wisdom looks for students who are interested in exploring and developing themselves from the inside out: answering questions like who am I, what is my purpose in the world, and how can I contribute my best and be successful in all areas of life?

Ananda College offers a unique student life experience in residential cooperative community where service learning and personal spiritual practice is incorporated into daily living – from classes and curriculum to campus life and special events.  Our students, faculty and staff are fully integrated into this community.  Compared to other institutions, students are known at Ananda College and they have ample opportunity to obtain guidance and educational support.

In-person meetings are always helpful for students interested in applying to Ananda College.  Private tours, meeting with current students and faculty, and sitting in on a class can be arranged by contacting us: or 503-985-0030.

How to Apply

  1. Apply online or by mail.
    Use our online application if you can pay the $75 non-refundable application fee by credit/debit card or check. Mail in a completed paper application if you cannot use the online portal or if you are residing outside of the United States.
  2. Write a 4-5 page essay about yourself answering our questions below.
  3. Send in your official transcripts of prior education. Ananda College happily accepts ACT/SAT and other test scores, but they are not required.
  4. Provide at least two letters of reference from sources such as teachers, counselors, employers, or supervisors.
  5. Pay the $75 non-refundable application fee online or send in a check with your paper application.  If you can’t afford to pay the application fee send in a note with your application requesting it be waived.  Applications will not be reviewed unless the fee is paid or waived.
  6. If interested in obtaining Financial Aid through Ananda College, apply for admissions early and send in a completed Financial Aid Application with your Admissions Application.  Contact for further information.

Application Dates

Early application to Ananda College is strongly advised for the best student experience, especially for those seeking financial assistance through our work-study programs or scholarships. The early application deadline for Fall term enrollment is May 15th. Accepted students should confirm their intention to attend Ananda College by August 1st accompanied by a $300* non-refundable deposit to hold their place. If you are interested in applying for admissions to the Spring term, please contact us first for information on space availability.

Please feel free to contact regarding any questions you have about the admissions process. Visit our frequently asked questions to see what others are asking. Thank you!

*The $300 deposit is applied towards tuition total

Admissions Essay Instructions

An important part of the admissions process at Ananda College is the Personal Essay.  Please tell us about yourself in the context of the following questions:

  • Tell us about yourself and what has been important in your life.
  • What personal experiences, talents, perspectives and characteristics do you possess that will contribute to your educational experience at Ananda College and our residential community?
  • What is your experience with yoga and/or meditation?
  • Tell us what you have learned from your volunteer or service projects.
  • Share and evaluate a significant risk you have taken, or a moral dilemma you have faced.
  • Share the details of a significant spiritual experience, turning point, or achievement in your life.
  • The college has a no drug or alcohol policy.  What are your thoughts about this?
  • Explain why you want to attend Ananda College of Living Wisdom.
  • How do you think Ananda College can support or contribute to your career and educational goals?