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The mission of Ananda University is to help individuals clarify and empower their aspirations, and attune themselves to levels of higher consciousness from which to engage in their work. This dynamic and purposeful attunement is applicable to every person in all aspects of life.

Our webinars in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 offered insignts in Self-Realization Studies, World Cultures and Consciousness, and Ancient Knowledge. We’re now working on bringing out our first online courses, building also toward weekend or week-long intensives, and possible residential options, allowing students to take individual courses, earn certificates in specific areas through completion of multiple courses, or enroll in the full program to earn an M.A. in Consciousness Studies. The planned areas of study include:

  • World Cultures and Consciousness
  • Yoga Psychology and Yoga Philosophy
  • Inspirational and Therapeutic Arts
  • Business Leadership and Consciousness
  • Community Solutions and Sustainability
  • Education for Higher Consciousness
  • Holistic Health and Healing
  • Self-Realization Studies: Know Thyself

Students at all levels will also enjoy the support and inspiration of like-minded souls through our online community, which begins with our forums. Ananda University, too, understands that it’s part of a community of like-minded institutions, and will actively seek partnerships with others who also seek to uplift the consciousness of our world.

In addition to opening offices and housing our 6,000-title Library of Higher Consciousness, we are looking forward to the construction of an Ananda University campus in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California, outside Nevada City, California. This rural setting primarily provides a space of psychic quiet in which the guidance of one’s higher self can be heard. It makes the campus a place to be and find yourself.

The desire for a higher level of consciousness must come from deep within one’s own heart: it cannot be achieved by mere intellectual affirmation or will power. Fortunately, that desire comes naturally when one is immersed in a magnetic environment, created by people who strive to live in that consciousness every day.

Ananda Village, adjacent to the land that’s available for the University to operate and home to our office and Library, already has that magnetism, as demonstrated by the experience of its many guests over the more than four decades. Various facilities around Ananda Village, including the Meditation Retreat where the University began, will provide interim facilities as we construct our own campus. Past students of the University have expressed how much it meant to have such an experiential setting in nature that complements intellectual inquiry, and is not overshadowed by it.

As we work toward expanding our offerings, we are actively seeking the necessary funding for our operations, including construction of the campus. We invite direct donations as well as references to individuals or organizations that might be able to offer larger gifts. For more information, contact us via email, finance (at)

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Ananda University is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational institution registered with the state of California.