how close should led grow lights be to plants?

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    That is the second most generally held gardening fantasy: that the colour of daylight modifications dramatically between seasons and that this coloration shift induces flowering. Ask your self this: at noon, does a spring day look blue to you or a fall day look pink? In a phrase, No.

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    Gentle “coloration” is measured in accordance with the Kelvin (Ok) scale with blue having increased values and pink decrease ones. The world would look very unusual certainly if the sunshine temperature of daylight modified from season to season by something even near the 2000-2500Ok distinction between MH and HPS lamps. Do not misunderstand: There’s a seasonal shift in daylight coloration as a result of depth of the ambiance the solar’s mild has to penetrate earlier than reaching the earth. However this shift is small, 300-500Ok relying the place you reside, which is a distinction that is barely perceptible to the human eye.

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    what kind of led grow light is suitable for grow tent. I have a list of best grow tent. can you look at and suggest me? link:

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