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    Education for Life — as Yogananda’s approach to learning came to be called and developed by Swami Kriyananda — is based on promoting higher consciousness in learners of all ages through the direction of energy. The principles and practices are profound and yet simple to apply. I think this would be a wonderful topic for the university’s online course series.

    As for timing of such an offering, I would suggest around May 8, which will be celebrated in 2018 as the national “Teachers’ Day” in the USA. Our country unfortunately hasn’t really picked up on this celebration as have many other countries such as India, which has long had a tradition of honoring its teachers on September 5. The dates of this celebration differ from country to country, but by offering and publicizing the topic I propose next year, perhaps Ananda University could play at least a small part in making people aware of the important role of parents and teachers in fostering their children’s higher consciousness. The closest Saturdays to the date of the celebration in 2018 are May 5 and May 12.

    Here is a little further explanation of Teachers’ Day in the USA (

    “Teacher Appreciation Day, sometimes also referred to as Teachers’ Day or National Teacher Day, is an event held annually in the United States to honor and appreciate teachers and recognize their lasting contributions to education and society and the lives of their students. It takes place on the Tuesday of the first full week in May and is the main day of Teacher Appreciation Week, a week-long celebration of the work of teachers. Students prepare gifts and thank you cards to give to their teachers on this day, and events are held in many schools to mark the occasion.”

    Suggested speakers: Nitai Deranja and/or any of the senior Education for Life staff



    Agree with you that you make it sensible in all the ways.
    Fidget SPin

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